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Both Elizabeth and David are young cancer patients, and during their hospital stay they have developed a close and tender friendship. At a time when Elizabeth feels that her family and friends have become distant, she turns more and more to David for talk, understanding and companionship. During a visit from her sister and the minister's son, there is a dramatically honest confrontation in which Elizabeth must hear about the other side—what it is like for the family, their fears, frustrations and pain. They must all seek strength to help them through the waning days.


Just One DayJust One Day

This highly acclaimed drama deals honestly and frankly with the dilemma of teenage pregnancy. The Kentucky Educational Television movie of this script received both the Eudora Welty Americana Award and the Corporation for Public Broadcasting Award. Emily and Mary are waiting for someone, and it is apparent that tension surrounds the expected visit. Then Michael arrives and Mary leaves to allow Emily time alone with him. When she tells him she is pregnant, the two frightened young people begin to face the unwanted situation. This play presents a realistic, sensitive and moving look at a real and heartbreaking problem.


A Moment in TimeA Moment in Time

In this shattering play, Mr. Kennedy again displays his dramatic power and uncompromising honesty as he deals with a real and tragic situation. A family in the midst of divorce has come to the emergency room of a hospital where the son, Kevin, is hovering between life and death after an automobile accident. As the splintered family waits together, uncomfortable facts about Kevin's pre-accident behavior begin to emerge, suggesting that, in fact, the accident may have been a suicide. This is a play that will deeply concern your audience, and perhaps some of them will start recognizing questions at a time when it is still possible to find answers. Splendid roles for your cast and an important theme.


The Quiet PlaceThe Quiet Place

This realistic, award-winning script deals with the issue of teenage peer pressure in a drug-oriented society. Overlooking an unseen cemetery, Sheila sits alone, remembering her boyfriend Danny. She is interrupted by the arrival of Danny's older brother and we discover that Danny's funeral is tomorrow and that his brother is here checking on the cemetery arrangements. It seems that Danny died from a lethal combination of drugs and alcohol. A gang of threatening former "friends" of Danny's appears and they try to intimidate Sheila into concealing from the police the truth about what happened. They know she holds them responsible for Danny's death, and in a powerful, tension-filled confrontation, the gang is faced down by Sheila and the truth.


The TripThe Trip

Vicky, a young girl suffering from mental illness, is confronted by some members of her family who have come to the institution where she's being treated to take her on a trip. During tension-filled moments, we discover the strain Vicky's illness has put on the family. Shocked by the confrontation, Vicky's sense of reality dramatically wavers. It is then that we learn the unexpected purpose of the trip—the funeral of their mother. The play ends as Vicky tries to block the news from her mind and her older brother tenderly leads her from the room to begin the trip.


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